Robotics Components

In addition to the physical property improvements that a composite structure can provide, there are many follow-on improvements to the overall system that a composite structure will enable.

Beyond a 20% savings using composites as -black aluminum, Kinetic Analytics designs orthotropic laminates which further tailor the material properties and reduce weight

Carbon fiber has a specific strength three times greater than steel

Carbon fiber has a Young's modulus twice that of fiberglass, and for specialty applications high modulus carbon can achieve over 3 times that of fiberglass.

Kinetic Analytics implemented a stiffer composite end arm effector in a robotic work cell to improve positioning accuracy and increase payload. Failure rates went down by a factor of 5.  In addition the robotic arm was able to cycle faster, achieve higher accuracy and lower the wear on the articulated joints due to a lower overall system mass.

  • Composite Blade Manufacturing

Pressure Cured Carbon Blade

Tools can be made from a variety of materials and processes depending on the desired manufacturing rate and precision required.  Kinetic Analytics specializes in heated press tools providing autoclave quality laminates at lower cost and higher throughput.

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