Analysis Services

Analysis Services

Our team of experienced engineers provides a variety of technical analysis and modeling services.  We can support existing designs with specific specialized analysis or as part of a complete product development cycle.

Composite Laminate Structural Analysis

  • We have broad experience in multiple methods, from linear statics of metal components to nonlinear, buckling and dynamic response analysis. We specialize in composite laminate finite element analysis.
  • Orthotropic composite materials present valuable structural advantages and while posing complex modeling challenges.  We employ a variety of in-house codes, ply-by-ply shell models or solid element models to create the right analysis for your design challenge.

Titanium Fitting Static Analysis

Nonlinear, Dynamic, Transient and Buckling Models

  • Our analysts specialize in nonlinear and dynamic modeling of composite parts, joints and bonds.
  • The image below represents a Quasi-Isotropic composite structure under dynamic pressure loading. We used layered orthotropic solid elements and non-linear gap elements to represent the time and pressure dependent engagement of an end dome within a pressure vessel.

Pressurized End Dome Analysis

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) – Thermal Analysis

  • We perform fluid dynamic and coupled fluid/thermal modeling.

High Altitude Electronics Drag and Cooling

Buckling and Modal Analysis

  • Often strength is not the limiting factor for a structure. For example, a soda can is made of thin aluminum and still holds pressure. However, when loaded another way, (think crushing the can) the part can fail in buckling. The various ways a part can buckle (modes) and the loading conditions that would excite those buckling modes can be determined.
  • Every structure naturally vibrates at certain frequencies. If your device operates in a dynamic environment where it may be exposed to vibration and if those vibrations correspond to the natural frequencies of your structure we can help determine if there will be any detrimental effects from these vibrations.

Fork Modal Analysis

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