Machining Services

By fully integrating our design services with a complete machine shop, we are able to provide our clients a broad in house solution and fast turn-around times.  CAD/CAM work is done on the shop floor enabling the rapid iterations ideally suited for prototyping.   


Mori Seiki Lathe

3 Axis Router

CNC Machining Services

  • Fast  and  accurate machining services.
  • We work with lightweight drawings and annotated CAD models
  • We operate a variety of 3-axis mills with capacities up to 30″ x 20″

CNC Turning

  • Robust reliable Mori Seiki SL25 CNC Lathes
  • 12″ diameter, 20″ part length capacity

Custom muti-part carbon prepreg tool

Prepreg High pressure oven tool

Co-Molded Carbon - Titanium Housing

Composite Tooling

Our in house machining services mean faster turn around times for your composite tools and components. We can deliver parts within a week, and sometimes less.

When coupled with a composite laminate that can result in final parts in your hand in under 10 days.

We cut aluminum, steel titanium and higher density foams for a variety of needs and budgets

Milled Aluminum Tool

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