Composite Laminate Analysis

Composite Laminate Analysis

Composites allow the designer freedom to build the material layer by layer.  Although powerful, this ability makes development of composite structures a daunting task.    Options are available at every level of design

  • Master and Tool materials and process approach
  • Laminate resin system
  • Laminate fiber system
  • Fiber orientation at each ply
  • Processing method – cure cycle – postcure options

Our engineers and technicians have experience across a broad range of these options and can work with you to develop the best combination that meets your performance and process needs.


Structural and Tool Design

  • We specialize in composite component design and mechanical assemblies. With over 15 years of experience in unmanned aircraft, prototype DARPA spacecraft programs, composite airframes and automotive components no job is too challenging.
  • We can work with you from concept sketches through CAD models, ply kitting and manufacturing. Including complex lofted surfaces and formula driven shapes.
  • With a broad array of manufacturing experience we can help you find the right process to maintain your schedule and cost goals.

Sealed Propulsion Module

We can support your analysis needs with NASTRAN based FEA. Both linear and non-linear modeling is available. We have produced coupled thermal/CFD models for complex heating/cooling models as well as shock and vibe models for rotorcraft.

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